Discover the features that make dotx your partner in business

A payroll solution for companies employing cash workers.

With dotx, employees do not need to have bank accounts. Employees can use the dotx app called EVA (for a fee) to receive their wages and withdraw cash from an ATM.

Discover the features that make dotx your partner in business

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Monthly fees per employeeFreeRp 5KRp 10KRp 25K
Employee onboarding
Upload payroll data via CSV
Pay employees using EVA
Calculate tax
Employee evaluation features
Artificial Inteligence
Customized solutions

Paying cash salaries?

EVA is a mobile wallet that is connected to a bank so you can pay your employees through a bank account. EVA will enable your employees to see their salary balance, withdraw cash from an ATM and transfer funds to any bank account.

  • Transfer payroll funds to your employees in a one lump sum payment

  • Dotx will automatically disburse payments to all employees

  • Employees can withdraw funds from an ATM, transfer money and buy their daily needs using the app.

Employee benefits

Good employees can apply for loans to build their future through partner banks. The app displays eligible offers such as motor vehicle loans, short term loans, credit cards and payday loans to eligible employees.

  • Supervisors can give good reviews to employees which helps them obtain credit.

  • Employees can apply for payday loans.

  • Helps employees be rewarded for excellent work performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Your eyes can't be in all places. However, if they could, you will find out information that was previously not available. We use CCTVs to collect data and analyze your human resource activities and provide real data that could improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase profits.

  • Automatically detect late attendance.

  • Detect inefficiencies.

  • Provides data to help improve processes.

Where do inefficiencies lie?

Your CCTV can collect data to analyze human activities and identify who, when, what and how that affects your company's profitability.

Late attendance

Low productivity

Extended resting time

Customised solutions can be built for your company.

We can build high tech solutions to help your company work smarter.

Automate tasks

HR recruitment can benefit from dotx's artificial intelligence software that helps automate high-volume, repetitive tasks and improve the quality of hire.

Levels of authorizations

Different levels of supervisors can approve various types of transactions by using 2-factor authentications on smartphones.

Traditional reports

We can produce reports to match your exact requirements, this means managers don't need to learn new systems and waste time looking for information.

Blockchain security

Your sensitive data is encrypted in a blockchain database. No one can see your data even if the database is hacked.





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